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Audition requirements have changed.
Please read through the following information on
auditions and student requirements before proceeding to the Registration Form at the bottom of this page.

For additional information on requirements, rehearsals, etc,
Please Review Our Handbook

Audition Information

The Philharmonic

Intermediate Ensemble

All students that intend on auditioning for the Katy Youth Philharmonic, the intermediate ensemble, may prepare the same audition material from last year: a solo and a scale of the student's choice (1,2, or 3 octaves).

All returning students who intend on being a member of the intermediate ensemble must re-audition this year.

The Chamber Orchestra

Advanced Ensemble

Previously named Symphony, the advanced ensemble is now called The Chamber Orchestra.

All new and returning students must audition for this ensemble with the material provided below:

The Chamber Audition Material


Auditions will be held at:
Mayde Creek Jr. High
2700 Greenhouse Rd
Houston, TX 77084


Students grades 4-12 in the West Houston area whether from public, private, or home based school environments are welcome to register. Students in grades 4-6 need a minimum of one-year playing experience and a private instructor.

All public school applicants are required to participate in their school's band or orchestra if there is one. A student who does not participate in their school's program may join provided their school's Music Director or Principal is willing to sign a school participation waver.